Typical Features

Visual Abstract for Applied Sciences by Camilla Pezzica

Part of the project’s aim was to develop novel means to identify common architectural features using computer vision image matching techniques. The idea was first presented by Oriel Prizeman at CIPA Taipei in 2015 and published in the Journal of Architectural Conservation. Julien Schroeter at Cardiff University worked with Camilla Pezzica to develop a classification code specifically for this project. Conference presentations by Camilla Pezzica at CIPA Avila 2019 published in the ISPRS Annals and by Camilla and Mariangela Parisi at CIPA Ottawa 2016 – published in a special issue of the Journal of Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development outline the way the process was developed. Finally our 2020 paper in Applied Sciences describes the whole sequence leading to the creation of HBIM (Historic Building Information Model) components.

Here a range of the common elements that have been identified are illustrated using illustrations and advertisements from contemporary technical indexes and journals sourced from our collections. On each page there is a list of the libraries where we have identified these materials or items. The list is not comprehensive (for example the interiors of libraries that have been re-used were not photographed) but it aims to stimulate future dialogue between stakeholders who are responsible for maintaining and managing these assets into the future.