Public Events

Stand at Lister Steps Community Business Open Day 18.05.2019

Dr. Oriel Prizeman hosted a stand in the Community Business Fair at Lister Steps (West Derby Library, Tuebrook, Liverpool) in May 2019, talking to members of the public, local media, local businesses, students, local councillors, third sector volunteers and members of the community including former caretakers of the building. The event was well attended; by almost a hundred people.

Talk to “Happy Older People” community group about Lister Steps (West Derby or Tuebrook) Library in Liverpool 16.10.2019

Dr Oriel Prizeman gave a talk about how Carnegie libraries around the world are being re-purposed for modern use to 61 members of the local community at Life & The Library in L13, “a fascinating evening of local history talks all about The Old Library and life in L13 through the years”. Other speakers were Vanessa Oakden from the Museum of Liverpool, talking about an archaeological dig at The Old Library she led in June. Lister Steps’ research volunteers shared case studies of interesting people who’ve lived and worked in L13, as well as how children have enjoyed, as well as worked in, libraries across Liverpool in the past.

Meeting with HLF Community Engagement Manager Tuebrook Library and community building recording workshop with the Archaeology team from the Museum of Liverpool 11.09.2018

The Research Assistant, Camilla Pezzica and the project intern, Giovanni Bruschi from the Polytechnic University of Turin, carried out a public demonstration of laser scanning at a community building recording event at the library’s Heritage Open Day. The event was a success and opened the possibility to participate in future discussions and suggested demonstration workshops with other library partners.

Elaboration of the external TLS survey

The event involved the engagement with the Archaeology team from the Museum of Liverpool, which subsequently sent to the project team the picture below together with the outcome of their graffiti survey.

Image credit: Archaeology team of the Museum of Liverpool