Project team bibliography

Previous publications by the project team relevant to the project are listed below.

Library history


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Library Architecture

Articles in professional journals:

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Carnegie Libraries


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Ph.D thesis

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Conference presentations:

Prizeman, O. E. C. 2015. Carnegie libraries and the invention of a shared heritage. Presented at: Trans-Atlantic Dialogues on Cultural Heritage: Heritage, Tourism and Traditions, Liverpool, UK, 13-16 July 2015.

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Computer vision


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Conference presentations:

Prizeman, O. E. C. 2015. Deductive frameworks for a digital HBIM canon: matching specification standards to augment historic object libraries. Presented at: CIPA 25th International Symposium, Taipei, 31 August – 4 September 2015.

Sustainable Building Conservation

Edited works:

Prizeman, O.E.C. 2015. Ed. Sustainable Building Conservation; Theory and Practice of Responsive Design in the Heritage Environment. London: RIBA Publications

Chapters in edited works:

Prizeman, O. E. C. 2015. Four case studies demonstrating the impacts of energy conservation in traditional domestic buildings. In: Prizeman, O. E. C. ed. Sustainable Building Conservation: Theory and Practice of Responsive Design in the Heritage Environment. RIBA Publications


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Conference presentations:

Prizeman, O. E. C. 2015. Performance values ancient and modern: four UK case studies. Presented at: Mettisage, Quebec City, QC, Canada, 26-29 October 2014.

Nineteenth Century Environmental History

Chapters in edited works:

Prizeman, O. 2019. Asserting adequacy: The crescendo of voices to determine daylight provision for the modern world. In: Manfredi, C. ed. Addressing the Climate in Modern Age’s Construction History. Springer Nature Switzerland AG: Springer International Publishing, pp. 171-190., (10.1007/978-3-030-04465-7)

Conference presentations:

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